RuneQuest 6 (Mythras)


RuneQuest 6 (now called Mythras) is the 6th edition of a long running, much loved fantasy game that's been around since 1978. The system uses percentiles to run the action and the standard setting is a bronze age world filled with analogs of ancient Roman, Greek, African, and Persian cultures. What I loved about the game was that, from the start, women play an important role in the action and they're represented as powerful, competent, and sacred. The cover of the main rulebook features Anathym, a female warrior on a quest to avenge the destruction of her city.

RQ6, as its also known, is easy to learn and features a pretty realistic combat system that discourages the usual hack-and-slash of other RPG's; in RQ6, fighting is usually a last resort unless the characters are ready to risk dying or getting maimed. See, most RPG's and video games use violence as a typical, preferred method of dealing with problems. While violence is typically a normal part of epic fantasy adventures, I like that RQ6 makes it something gritty, costly, and not easily chosen  by characters wanting to survive the game. This, in my opinion, is a great way to force players to think and roleplay their way through challenges instead of just drawing swords and casting spells. RQ6 supports critical thinking and creative roleplaying in ways that other systems just can't match; it's a great game for teaching young players the value of social skills and problem solving.

If you're looking for a game that makes it really easy to create adventures based in the ancient world, then this is a great system. The weapons and armor are all highly detailed and based on real, ancient artifacts like the Linothorax and scimitar. The game world is likewise styled after ancient Greece and Rome, with a large number of African and Asian influences evident in the setting.

Why it's Awesome
  • The d100 system is easy and fast.
  • The game is great for running adventures set in an ancient bronze age world similar to our own.
  • It works with or without magic.
  • The magic system, if used, is really simple and fun.
  • Combat is gritty and dangerous, which encourages players to resolve challenges with more social interaction and creativity.

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