Everway is one of the coolest, most innovative, and most fun RPG’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. I picked up a copy from a local toystore back in the 90’s because of the New Age box art and the awesome tagline: “Encounter the fates of a thousand worlds.” What geek wouldn’t get sucked in by that?

Up until that time, I had only played more conventional RPG’s and Everway was my first diceless system. Instead of randomized number generation, Everway uses a deck of cards very similar to the Tarot—called the Fortune Deck—to help the players and Game Master decide the outcomes of actions, create characters, and tell epic stories. It was all new to me, but after years of playing RPG’s I can honestly say that it allowed for a simple, fast, easy, intuitive, and visionary role-playing experience unlike anything I’ve had with other systems.

I could very easily turn this into a full-page review about this awesome game, but there are plenty of other sites where you can read those. Instead, let me give you a list of what makes the game splendid, in my opinion, and then a brief summary for how you could use it to teach multiculturalism.

Why it's Awesome
  • The diceless system keeps the game easy to learn, innovative, and focused on storytelling. 
  • Creating characters ("Heroes") is simple and fun.
  • Beautiful, high-quality fantasy art.
  • Superb layout and design; finding information is really easy.
  • Draws heavily from world mythologies and non-European cultures.
  • Adventures are mythic, symbolic, and allegorical.
  • The game goes to great lengths to celebrate and positively represent women and people of color.

An Everway Hero included with the game.

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