Monday, May 22, 2017

The Lovers War & Other Stories

This is the first post in a series of posts I'm doing about my eBook, "The Lovers War & Other Stories". I had started a blog to detail the book and, like many of my projects, abandoned it; now, however, I thought it would be a great idea to combine those posts with this blog. Why not? It's all about the same topics, really.

I like to write short stories but I'll never have the patience, determination, or focus to make a living out of it unless someone decides to transform one of my creations into a Syfy Channel movie or summer blockbuster. I'm OK with that, though. A long time ago I accepted the fact that I'm more of a reader than I am a writer. I have about a dozen partially written short stories and novels on my laptop right now and, when the inspiration strikes, I like to play with them, do some editing, add a few more pages, and see where the story takes me. 

The Lovers War & Other Stories is the culmination of this stuttering, uncertain process of half-coherent musing and spurting inspiration. The stories span a period of about 5 years but some of them are rewrites from things I wrote in college, and those college pieces were often inspired by ideas I had come up with in high school. I've lost a lot of stories over the years, also. One was saved on an old word processor that my girlfriend trashed when we broke up just after graduating college; it was titled "Salvation" and featured a female heroine named Jhaesra Vorak who was on a quest to save her family from a Blood Curse that would transform all of them into powerful vampires. I gave another one to my father while he was dying in the hospital and never saw it again; I called it "A Ride in the Country" and it was about a boy who lost his father only to have him return years later as the boundaries between life and death were crumbling.

I'm going to write those stories again because I need to Jhaesra Vorak to save her family and I need that boy and his dead father to take a ride in the country. I've also considered turning both into RPG modules, and that's probably what will happen. I've already started working on an adventure where a powerful, mysterious woman named Jhaesra hires adventurers to accompany her back to her ancestral home to end a centuries long curse. Maybe that's how my unfinished stories will find new life, through roleplaying games?

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